More Signal, Less Noise: Announcing Muting Companies in Zymewire

Noise is a Problem, Turn Down the Volume.

When it comes to prospecting into biotech and pharma, we’re always searching for a piece of information that will give us the edge and get our foot in the door. The problem is, in such a fast-paced industry we’re often led down a rabbit hole, leaving us overwhelmed & overloaded (not to mention the frightening amount of tabs we have open). 

Cutting through the noise is another way to help you reach prospects when it’s a good time for them, not for you. 

Less is More 

Thus far in 2022 (mid-November), we’ve identified and published 149,341 signals, coming from 8,174 biotech & pharma companies. Now, we aren’t saying you should be catching all of this, in fact, we’re proposing quite the opposite. 

Avoiding irrelevant signals (which represent the bulk of the ~150,000) is the key to zeroing in on the ones that you can’t afford to miss. On top of all this, signal sources are dominated by a small but vocal minority of large pharma companies, further suppressing the insights you’re looking for. 


11 Ways to Increase your Signal: Noise Ratio (Outside of Zymewire)

1.  Optimize your Google Alerts
2.  Excluding Companies in Searches
      a) Google
      b) LinkedIn
3.  Unsubscribing from irrelevant newsletters
4.  Look for tools that are industry specific
5.  Create calendar blocks for prospecting research
6.  Know your Ideal Customer Profile. How can you find something if you don’t know what you’re looking for?
7.  Subscribe to your prospects’ newsletters/blogs
8.  Connect with stakeholders on LinkedIn
9.  Keep your CRM clean and up-to-date. Previous interactions with prospects can often be the strongest source of sales signals.
10.  Use geographic filters
11.  Use the “Similar Companies” feature on LinkedIn

Muting Companies in Zymewire

Zymewire is built on the promise that sales professionals selling into biotech and pharma will never miss a sales signal from a company they care about. Fulfilling that promise comes with a risk of displaying information that isn’t always relevant.

We’ve heard hundreds of times… “How do I remove big pharma from my search?”“Can I exclude Merck, Takeda, GSK, [...] and Pfizer from lists?” and “I need to remove accounts within my territory that belong to strategic directors”. There have always been workarounds, now, the answer is “Yes, that’s easy!”

This is an exciting development to help target niche markets. With Zymewire, you can build granular search feeds to find phase 2 pain therapy sponsors in North Carolina, CAR-NK & CAR-T gene therapies with licensing opportunities in Germany and the UK, or oncology-focused biotechs in Japan that have yet to reach the clinic. The issue was that these specialized feeds would sometimes get crowded by one or two large pharma companies. We’ve got a fix for that too.

With the “My Muted Companies” feature, you’re able to add companies to the filter and simply apply it to the search or saved feed. This also excludes companies from a list created from a feed where the filter is applied. Lastly, your selection of muted companies is saved to your account so there’s no need to repeat this process, just select the filter under the “Company Relationship” tab. 

We’re really proud of this feature because, unlike negative keywords, we mute irrelevant companies through every workflow that our software supports.

If you’re looking to set up your list of muted companies, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager at Zymewire and they’ll give you a hand!


You’ve Only Done Half the Work

Next up… You’ve still got to cut through your new prospect’s noisy inbox. Thankfully, we recently devised a 4-step strategy to stand out from your competition. 

Just like how you (used to) get bombarded with irrelevant sales insights, think about what your buyers go through on a daily basis as they get inundated with pitches and meeting requests. It would be a shame to let the work you’ve put in go to waste!


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