A Letter to the COVID Collaborators

Thinking back to the first half of 2020 often causes a mixed wave of emotions to resurface. At the time, society as a whole shared an immense feeling of uncertainty as we tip-toed through uncharted territory. Of course, we’re talking about the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It may not have been evident back then, but retrospectively, it’s clear that we were going to have to work together to bring things back to normal. Enter the COVID Collaborators. 

The COVID Collaborators initiative was started to facilitate & accelerate the development of treatments and vaccines for COVID-19 by creating a centralized directory of companies offering discounted or pro-bono services to researchers. Their areas of focus ranged from clinical research, manufacturing, EDC, patient recruitment, trial management, and more. 

Our hopes were to bridge the gap for biopharma companies by giving them access to an extensive pool of specialized service providers, streamlining the search for essential partnerships. The collective effort not only saved valuable time but also allowed researchers and scientists to focus on their core mission – finding innovative solutions to fight the virus. 

The backbone of this initiative was the remarkable individuals and organizations that raised their hands to join the cause. In the end, there were 143 companies stepped up to the plate to offer their services, expertise, and time to the cause. All of which played an instrumental role in paving the for the life sciences to help us all move on from the pandemic.

Your dedication and support have made a lasting impact on the biopharma industry’s battle against COVID-19. Your contributions have not only helped save lives but also highlighted the power of collective action during times of crisis. The entire Zymewire team is immensely grateful for your generosity, expertise, and commitment to patients across the globe. 

After 3 years and an overwhelming amount of support, we’re preparing to discontinue the COVID Collaborators website. As we turn the page from this eventful chapter, we’ll continue to promote and facilitate collaboration within the life sciences industry to expedite novel treatments into the hands of patients around the world.




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