Zymewire Launches Directory of Drug Development Experts with Services Available to Fight COVID-19

Written by:
Team Zymewire

In these unprecedented times, the Zymewire team has been thinking deeply about ways in which we can contribute to the global fight against COVID-19. 

With direct relationships with the world’s leading drug development service companies, we’ve recognized that we are in a unique position to elevate their efforts by connecting these organizations with researchers working on novel treatments and vaccines.

Zymewire is pleased to announce the launch of COVIDCollaborators.org, an online directory of experts, pro-bono and discounted drug development services being offered in the fight against COVID-19. These services include clinical software, electronic data capture (EDC), manufacturing, patient recruitment, virtual services, clinical trial management and more.

By listing the services and expertise being offered by these companies in a centralized directory, our hope is that it gains the attention of drug developers around the globe, and that together, they can accelerate the quest for vaccines and treatments. We’d greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word by sharing this post with your networks!

If your organization has skills, tools or facilities to contribute to the fight against COVID-19, or if you’re a researcher seeking support, Zymewire invites you to become a COVID Collaborator. There is no cost associated with listing or accessing offerings.  For further information and to get involved, visit COVIDCollaborators.org or email covidcollaborators@zymewire.com

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