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    The Top 10 Pharmaceutical Conferences Focused on Preclinical Research 2019

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    It’s important to stay ahead of the current conference schedules, and with some help from Racolta, we have rounded up some of the most important conferences happening this year and into 2020, and that are primarily focused on preclinical research & development. For a complete list of events & hyperlinks, directly to your inbox, please subscribe at the Racolta homepage! Also, subscribers with a Zymewire account may view participating drug sponsor companies and available information about conference attendees directly from the newsletter. 

    North America

    There are 6 major preclinical events occurring across North America this year and into 2020. 

    USA - East

    9th RTP Rodent Pathology Symposium 

    Location: Raleigh, NC

    Date: September 29th - October 1st, 2019

    Overview: The 9th RTP Rodent Pathology Symposium will provide focused scientific sessions presented by national and international experts in the fields of toxicologic pathology, toxicology and laboratory animal medicine. It is primarily designed to provide important preclinical information to pathologists, toxicologists, biologists, veterinary students, and research fellows regarding current and emerging topics in rodent pathology, but is also open to all interested members of the research community. This conference will showcase the following preclinical areas: Natural Diseases of Rodents; Medical Device Pathology in Rodent Models; Nanoparticle-related Pathology in Rodent Models; Toxicology for Pathologists; and Emerging Topics in Clinical Pathology.

    19th Pharmacovigilance 2019

    Location: Boston, MA

    Date: October 8th - October 10th, 2019

    Overview: This important conference will bring together top pharmaceutical, biotechnology and regulatory representatives, and will showcase the detection, analysis and prevention of adverse drug reactions. Pharmacovigilance 2019 will highlight current case studies and relevant industry experiences, while also providing an important platform for pharmacovigilance community to discuss and share best practices in progressing the development in PV research. Important themes discussed will be: The Future of Signal Detection; Growing companies and safety efficiencies; Technology Impact in the Cloud, Big data, AI and Machine learning; Future of outsourced phase I, II, and III trials and post-marketing studies; Data quality management and analysis by analyzing the new guidelines; and Strategies to improve clinical trials and PV.

    USA - Midwest

    North American Biocompatibility Summit 2019 (NABS)

    Location: Minneapolis, MN 

    Date: September 18th, 2019

    Overview: NAMSA will be offering, for a second year in a row,  the North American Biocompatibility Summit (NABS), a limited-seating event that will provide industry insights and expertise sharing on the biocompatibility of medical devices, including the latest regulatory updates, biological evaluation strategies and best practices that lead to successful biocompatibility programs. Join NAMSA and various sponsors for this one day exclusive summit to learn and network with award-winning scientists, toxicologists, and industry leaders in the medical device biocompatibility field. Sessions will be led by many of the industry’s foremost biological safety experts and will highlight: Regulatory strategies and how they relate to ISO 10993; New and innovative biocompatibility methods and technologies; The relationship between material/chemical characterization and biocompatibility testing; Toxicology and risk management; and relevant industry case studies.

    USA - West

    AALAS National Meeting

    Location: Denver, CO

    Date: October 13th - October 17th, 2019

    Overview: The American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) annual meeting will be held this year at the Colorado Convention Center. This year’s Spotlight Forum is, "One Health–Connections Between Animal, Human, and Environmental Health. The One Health concept encompasses the idea that the health of humans are directly connected to the health of animals and the environment. It’s a collaborative and trans-disciplinary approach to bring together veterinarians, physicians, ecologists, and research professionals to learn from each other and gain insights from their work in laboratory animal science. Topics to be discussed are: the Human-animal bond; Disease surveillance, prevention, and response; Research (both basic and translational); Comparative medicine (the commonality of diseases among people and animals, such as cancer, obesity, and diabetes); Disaster preparedness and response; and Communications and outreach. 

    American College of Toxicology 40th Annual Meeting 2019

    Location: Phoenix, AZ

    Date: November 17th - November 20th, 2019

    Overview: The American College of Toxicology is a society of professionals from industry, government, and academia. The mission of the College is to educate, lead, and serve scientists by promoting an exchange of information and perspectives on safety assessment and new developments related to applied toxicology. The 40th Annual Meeting will include a wide-ranging scientific program including a welcome reception, the popular traditional poster session reception, an awards ceremony and luncheon, distinguished plenary speakers, and numerous professional networking events. ACT’s highly-acclaimed scientific sessions are member driven, pharma and biotech focused, and organized to maximize learning opportunities in the relevant areas of toxicology.

    SOT 59th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo 2020

    Location: Anaheim, CA

    Date: March 15th - March 19th, 2020

    Overview: Taking place in Anaheim, California, the SOT 59th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo will feature more than 80 Scientific Sessions, 2,000 presentations, 300 exhibitors, and 6,000 attendees. This is one of the largest and most important annual events in the fields of toxicology and preclinical development. If there is only one preclinical conference event that you are planning on attending in 2020, this is the one to put on your calendar! The full Annual Meeting website will launch August 1, 2019. 


    There are 4 major preclinical events occurring across the world this year and into 2020.

    6th World Congress on Drug Discovery & Toxicology

    Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Date: July 15 - July 16th, 2019

    Overview: Even though the event has already passed, we think it’s worth keeping an eye on for next year. This international conference, also known as “Drug Chemistry 2019,” was held at Abu Dhabi, and welcomed all participants from across the globe to be apart of a truly special event. The conference upheld the theme, “An Innovative approach to the era of Drug Discovery and Toxicology Research,” and encompassed exciting keynote sessions, plenary talks, workshops/special sessions and poster presentations. Drug Chemistry 2019 aimed at utilizing our present-day knowledge in advanced techniques and computational skills associated with drug discovery, drug manufacture and toxicology. The conference primarily focused on the many new approaches to drug discovery involving modern computational drug design, and provided a global platform for many researchers and pharmaceutical leaders to collaborate on the latest trends in their industries.

    18th International Conference on Global Toxicology and Risk Assessment

    Location: Paris, France

    Date: October 14th - October 15th, 2019

    Overview: Global Toxicology and Risk Assessment Conference, also known as “Global Toxicology 2019,” provides a global platform for exchanging ideas and targets specific updates about the advancements and innovations in Toxicology and Pharmacology. The theme of this year’s conference will be “Frontiers in Toxicology & Risk Assessment.” Global Toxicology 2019 aims at bringing together scientists, doctors, professors, researchers, students, training institutes, laboratories, associations, societies and individuals that have an interest in the fields of Toxicology and Pharmacology. The conference regular sessions will be followed by the exhibition and networking sessions, along with interactive presentations, and keynote panel discussions with important pharmaceutical leaders and experts. 

    2nd International Conference on Pharmacology and Toxicology

    Location: Dubai, UAE

    Date: December 9th - December 10th, 2019

    Overview: The conference, also known as “World Pharmacology 2019,” aims to bridge the gap between basic and translational science, with an emphasis on large-scale approaches and innovative technologies in the fields of pharmacology, toxicology, therapeutics, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sciences. World-renowned speakers, the most recent research, advances, and the newest updates in Pharmacology and Toxicology are hallmarks of this conference. This year’s theme, “Widening the possibilities in Pharmacology and Toxicology,” will bring together leading Scientists, Drug Researchers, Pharmacologists, Toxicologists, and Professors, including Nobel Laureates to exchange, share and debate their experiences and research results about all the growing aspects of Pharmacology and Toxicology. 

    19th Annual World Preclinical Congress

    Location: Lisbon, Portugal (TBD)

    Date: TBD, 2020

    Overview: The 19th Annual World Preclinical Congress (WPC 2020) will focus on Preclinical Innovations, with multiple keynote sessions, plenary talks, workshops/special sessions and poster presentations. Some of the upcoming event’s short courses include: Pathology in Cancer Drug Development; Computational Tools for Predicting Toxicity; Mechanistic Insights Into Cardiotoxicity; Recent Developments in Ion Channel Assays for Safety Screening; Safety Concerns for Biological Drugs; Use of Stem Cells for Safety Screening; Patient Derived Cancer Tissue Xenograft Models; Translating Biomarkers from the Lab to the Clinic; Mechanistic Insights Into Hepatotoxicity; Animal Models of Pain: Progress and Challenges; and Molecular Imaging in Drug Discovery and Development. The event location and dates are still to be determined for 2020, so please subscribe at the Racolta homepage for further information.

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