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    SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit 2019

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    When most people hear the word Hollywood they instantly think of the Los Angeles neighborhood that is known as the larger-than-life symbol of the entertainment business. But the other Hollywood, Florida’s Hollywood, is a scenic coastal city between Fort Lauderdale and Miami that makes the perfect destination for beautiful shorelines, entertaining arts and culture, and also great conferences, particularly the SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit 2019

    The Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) is the first organization created to represent the global research site community in order to provide greater site sustainability. SCRS was founded in 2012 in response to the industry’s growing need for a global organization who represents the needs of clinical research sites in a global level. SCRS currently represents over 9,500 research sites in 47 countries, with their mission being to unify the voice of the global clinical research site community for overall site sustainability. SCRS is an active partner in creating solid initiatives and global communication entirely focused on improving all clinical research, including some great conferences if you’re in the industry!

    The SCRS Summit 2019 conference will be held on October 11th - 13th, in Hollywood, Florida at The Diplomat Beach Resort. For the last 14 years, the Global Site Solutions Summit has been committed to being “the site’s meeting.” The Summit provides a unique hub where clinical sites, sponsors, CROs and regulatory groups come together and share best practices, build their businesses, and develop new partnerships through debates, ideation sessions, workshops and focus groups. The attendance of SCRS conferences have shown that by increasing site sustainability, all medical stakeholders will realize greater efficiency and profitability, and successfully meet their ultimate commitment to bring safe medical treatments to patients in the fastest and most quality-driven way possible.

    For such large scale events, it can quickly become overwhelming for a team of company attendees, particularly if limited in size. With so much potential ground to cover, making the most of your time and investment is key, so we’ve put a few tips together for planning out your time in Florida: 

    Know the area and activities

    Whether your priority is networking with sponsors and CROs or learning best practices built for research sites, the 2019 Summit conference will provide a unique experience for your business. Join all of the sites, sponsors, and CROs partnering for success at this year’s conference summit. Attendees will experience essential networking, inspirational keynotes, informative exhibits, thoughtful learning workshops, and other fun activities in between the sessions. 

    Some of the features that SCRS Global Site Solutions Summit 2019 include:

    • 85+ exhibitors to explore 
    • 95+ Faculty Speakers 
    • 3+ Master Workshops
    • 5+ Site Partnership Symposiums 

    There will be multiple activities to choose while attending the conference, as well as additional admission items that can be added to your standard registration, including the ever popular Site Partnership Symposiums and Master Workshops. The SCRS Site Partnership Symposiums are a platform for leading organizations to engage in high-level dialogue and directly interact with hundreds of site decision-makers. The symposiums, exclusively for sites, focus on promoting knowledge and providing unique insight into study pipeline opportunities and site sustainability. Investigators and site executives are invited to attend these leading-edge sessions at the 2019 Global Site Solutions Summit. Don’t miss these one-of-a-kind opportunities to forge partnerships and form new alliances with industry leaders. Register early as the Symposiums are extremely popular and space is limited. To learn more about these symposiums, check out the conference webpage here

    Another great extra feature at the event will be the master workshops. Led by subject matter experts, these interactive sessions include valuable takeaways your site will be able to  implement immediately after the conference. The master workshops are rich in content and consistently a favorite among Summit attendees. These workshops will cover multiple areas relevant to the clinical industry, including topics such as initiatives that lessen the administrative burden on sites, and using site metrics to thrive in a rapidly consolidating site sector. Come prepared to discuss relevant issues and learn best practices. These sessions will be facilitated by an industry expert. Small Groups will be formed to further discuss and identify solutions, with each group sharing its findings. If you’re looking for more details please check out the conference’s Master Workshop webpage. 

    Throughout the conference there will be dozens of single speaker sessions and multiple panel discussions covering a number of key topics relevant to the industry, such as  how the industry is partnering to reduce site and patient burdens, achieving the clinical trial experience and site-sponsor relationship of the future, and even clinical development in the age of intelligent machines. There will also be multiple one-hour breakout speaker sessions with multiple topics relevant to your site’s success and sustainability that will be presented for your selection. All sessions include active participation with either moderated panels or faculty presenters that will provide many valuable takeaways. 

    There will also be many other entertaining activities throughout the conference, including the 2019 Site Tank Presentation, which is modeled after the popular television show, "Shark Tank," and will provide a platform through which attendees can pitch to a panel their innovative ideas that improve operations in their current business models. Two other enjoyable activities will be the 2019 Site Patient Recruitment Innovation (SPIRA) Awards on Saturday, October 12th at 11:40am, and the Eagle Award Gala and Dinner on Saturday, October 12th at 7:15pm. For full details of the conference events and activities check out the conference’s 2019 Agenda webpage.  

    Identify the right companies to meet

    As the official meeting of the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS), the Site Solutions Summit provides sites, sponsors, CROs, and suppliers with the current business intelligence and important conversation needed to improve your company’s profile. Global Summit exhibitors are integrated into every opportunity to meet, engage, and present to all active attendees. Each exhibit package includes two full attendee registrations, and your team will have access to every networking event, session, meal, and exhibit function at the Global Summit, making this a great conference to identify and network with some of the best companies in your industry.

    In addition to the multiple master workshops, speaker sessions and networking events, there will be over 85 different exhibitors to explore at SCRS Summit 2019. From large multinational companies to unique regulatory groups, you will be sure to find new and interesting services and potential partnerships during the walk through the exhibitor area. For a complete list of all the companies that will be exhibiting during the show, be sure to check out the 2019 Exhibitor List for more details. You can also find even more details about each exhibiting company here

    Another great way to prepare for your journey through the exhibit area is to check out the Interactive Floor Plan to find specific companies that you’re interested in speaking with and lay out your plans for navigating the show. The interactive map is a great tool for anyone interested in making the most of their time at the SCRS Summit 2019.

    Find out who’s going

    One of the best ways to identify the right companies to meet during SCRS Summit 2019 will actually happen before you arrive in Hollywood! After registering your team, you will gain access to the SCRS App, where you can view the full attendee list, view the speakers and exhibitors, navigate the surrounding areas with their custom map, and even pre-schedule meetings before the event. The SCRS Conference App is already live, so if you haven’t already started, now would be the best time to register, login and start creating networking opportunities today.

    There will be plenty of meeting opportunities with 3 unique days of important industry dialogue. Your team will be able to find answers to your site's most pressing problems in one of the interactive workshops, speaker sessions, and networking activities. Meet high-level industry executives at one of the many networking receptions, and take a walk through the exhibit area to discover all of the new and innovative technologies your site requires. There will be tons of attending sponsors and CROs with everything from small companies to large conglomerates, and by checking out the Sponsors & CROs List you and your team will be able to plan ahead who to meet at the event.   

    Wear comfortable footwear 

    This point is really worth mentioning, and since exploring the conference will span over 3 days, please make sure to wear your most comfortable footwear and attire for the Florida weather. You’ll want to be at peak endurance during the event, so be sure to drink plenty of water, and don’t miss out on any important exhibits, speakers sessions, and most of all, meetings!  

    Meet up with Zymewire

    Want to learn how your teams can maximize their conference ROI and identify new opportunities based on actionable sales signals, rather than hours of monotonous prospecting through databases? Let’s meet at the SCRS Summit!