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    Pharma & Biotech Event Listings: August 11th - August 17th 2019

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    Here’s a sample of the weekly Racolta roundup of conferences happening later this month. For the complete list of events & hyperlinks, directly to your inbox each week, please subscribe at the Racolta homepage! Also, subscribers with a Zymewire account may also view participating drug sponsor companies directly from the newsletter.

    North America

    Image by David Mark from Pixabay

    There are 4 events occurring across North America this week.

    USA - East

    Conference:  The 2019 Bioprocessing Summit
    Location: Boston, MA
    Date: August 12th - August 16th, 2019
    Topics: Bioproduction; Cell Therapy; Gene Therapy; Biomanufacturing; Optimization and Stability

    Conference: The National Conference on Addiction Disorders EAST
    Location: Baltimore, MD
    Date: August 15th - August 18th, 2019
    Topics: Addiction; Compliance; Ethics; Treatment


    Image by Michael Jarmoluk from Pixabay

    There is 1 event occurring across Europe this week.

    Conference: ICBCELS 2019: 21st International Conference on Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering and Life Science
    Location: Barcelona, Spain
    Date: August 15th - August 16th, 2019
    Topics: Biotechnology, Computational Biology, Chemical Engineering, Life Sciences


    Image by lxclb from Pixabay

    There is 1 event occurring across Asia this week.

    Conference: 7th International Conference on Biological and Medical Sciences (ICBMS 2019)
    Location: Chengdu, China
    Date: August 13th - August 15th, 2019
    Topics: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology; Biomedical Engineering; Biomedical Imaging; Biological Sciences; Biochemical genetics

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