Outsourcing in Clinical Trials (OCT) Pacific Northwest 2019

Seattle is a beautiful city on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by serene waters, mountains and evergreen forests, and also near thousands of acres of gorgeous parkland. As Washington State’s largest city, Seattle is home to a large tech industry, with Amazon and Microsoft headquartered in its metropolitan area, and the futuristic Space Needle, a 1962 World’s Fair icon, is its most capturing landmark. If you're a foodie, then Seattle is an exceptional place to visit with excellent seafood, a wide range of world cuisine, unique beer and coffee culture, and easy access to many unique restaurants. After some sightseeing and a few great meals, be sure to also check out this year’s Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Pacific Northwest 2019 conference.  

OCT Pacific Northwest is organized by Arena International Events Group and will be held from Oct 16 - 17, 2019 in Seattle, Washington at the Hyatt at Olive 8 venue. The 2019 program includes the newest content and more interactive sessions than ever before, enabling attendees to discuss and overcome common bottlenecks such as the always changing regulatory landscape and how to find the best clinical partners for your trial. Attendees will get the chance to hear from expert speakers from key companies in the Northwest region including Impel NeuroPharma, Novotech, Altasciences and Juno Therapeutics as well as networking opportunities with a variety of other exhibitors to explore.

Connect with pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech experts to discuss adopting new trends, exploring new opportunities and learning how to optimize your clinical knowledge by staying ahead of the game. This conference will help you find all of the right solution providers to partner with and further accelerate your trial timelines. Attendees will enjoy an engaging program fully loaded with case studies, panel discussions, and presentations, with an added bonus of obtaining local knowledge on the opportunities for clinical trials in the Pacific Northwest region. Historically there has always been a great interest in conferences organized by Arena International Events Group and tickets are always limited, so be sure to register your team as soon as possible. 

For events such as these, it can quickly become overwhelming for a team of company attendees, particularly if limited in size. With so much potential ground to cover, making the most of your time and investment is key, so we’ve put a few tips together for planning out your time in Seattle:

Know the area and activities 

The Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Pacific Northwest event will bring together a noteworthy group of executives responsible for outsourcing clinical trials and strengthening partnerships with associated vendors. Experts will be able to provide resourceful guidance through speaker sessions and breakout discussions, as well as numerous networking opportunities for all attendees.

Some of the features that OCT Pacific Northwest 2019 will have to offer include: 

  • 150+ attendees to meet each year
  • 40+ exhibitors to explore 
  • 20+ speakers 
  • 82% attendees at director-level or higher   

This particular conference is an exceptional networking opportunity for industry accelerators in the Pacific Northwest clinical trial space to get a chance to meet their peers, uncover new insights into common challenges and engage with seasoned solution providers. During the conference you will be able to join like-minded colleagues and learn new perspectives and case studies on recent clinical trial developments through a series of speaker presentations, panel discussions, and case studies. The conference will also discuss all of the essential connections between process, tools and techniques in order to manage any changes in the clinical trial technology landscape. The exhibition space will feature some of the best-in-class solution providers in the region who will also be able to deliver improvements upon your specific clinical trial pipeline. 

For more details visit Arena International’s OCT Pacific Northwest agenda webpage for a complete list of all of the activities taking place during the event.

Identify the right companies to meet

This conference is mainly geared towards addressing the concerns of trial sponsors based in the Pacific Northwest region and who are conducting clinical trials at either a local and global level. With a content-driven agenda, interactive networking sessions and a multitude of innovative service providers, this special event focuses on helping attendees find the best solutions to their most pressing clinical trial challenges. Even though this particular conference is small in size compared to some of the larger events we’ve recently covered, OCT Pacific Northwest provides a unique advantage of mingling with other companies on a very personal level, creating a concentrated atmosphere of close-knit experiences and building strong relationships that would otherwise be difficult to achieve at the larger venues. 

After listening to some speaker sessions and panel discussion, be sure to take some time and visit vendors in the exhibitor hall and discover new solutions that will speed up the progress of your study and ultimately lower the costs of your clinical trials. There will be plenty of exhibitors to learn about and discuss new technologies, current roadblocks, and potential improvements to your clinical trial pipeline. 

Find out who’s going

It can be somewhat difficult to determine exactly who’s going to be attending and exhibiting at conferences within smaller venues, but overall we believe the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Pacific Northwest event will be a unique platform for the clinical trial and research cluster in the local region to network and collaborate in order to refine their outsourcing strategies. Selecting the right partners, managing your relationships with outsourcing service providers and targeting other stakeholders are all key factors in reducing the overall cost of your clinical trial. This conference will be packed with valuable resources and will offer attendees opportunities to develop practical strategies that they can implement to optimize their specific clinical trial program.  

Another great way to prepare for your journey through the exhibit area is to check out the Interactive Floor Plan to find specific companies that you’re interested in speaking with and lay out your plans for exploring the show. The interactive map is a great tool for anyone interested in making the most of their time at OCT Pacific Northwest 2019. 

Meet up with Zymewire

While we may not be attending OCT Pacific Northwest 2019 this year, we’d still like to hear from you! Let us know about your experiences, and how your company preps for events to maximize ROI. If you would like to learn more about how teams at service providers around the world are getting more face to face meetings with the right prospects, reach out for a demo today!


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