Outsourcing in Clinical Trials (OCT) Medical Devices Europe 2020

Munich, the most expensive city in Germany, is also found to be pleasantly old-fashioned, which is possibly why visitors find it to be so appealing. Although Munich is known to be the world’s host to the country's 200-year-old festival, Oktoberfest, it's also highly modern, currently also known as the European capital of publishing and technology. Encompassed by the Bavarian Alps and near the River Isar, the city has an abundance of natural beauty and yet its streets are also lined with amazing architecture, designer retail shops and shiny BMWs all over the place. In short, you should visit Munich for both the provinciality and progressiveness. If you’re in the medical device industry, you should also visit Munich to check out the OCT Medical Devices Europe 2020 conference. 

Outsourcing in Clinical Trials (OCT) Medical Devices Europe 2020 is organized by Arena International Events Group and will be held from February 5th - 6th at the Hilton Munich Airport hotel and venue. OCT Medical Devices Europe returns to Munich for 2020, bringing together trial sponsors from across the European region for 2 days of engaging activities from some of the biggest names in the industry. The schedule for 2020 will feature the latest industry trends and outsourcing challenges for the European medical device and diagnostics community, exploring the latest regulatory updates for medical device manufacturers and the opportunities for greater productivity and efficiency in trials. 

Arena International Events Group is an amazing events organizer. Each year, over 10,000 business executives from “Fortune 1000” companies attend over 80 of their events worldwide. Addressed by over 1,700 industry leaders, their conferences deliver cutting edge content, leading technologies and numerous discussion opportunities. The group has a large portfolio of established, annual events with many of them being the flagship events within their respective industries. Historically there has always been a great interest in conferences organized by Arena International Events Group and tickets are always limited, so be sure to register your team soon.  

For events such as these, it can quickly become overwhelming for a team of company attendees, particularly if limited in size. With so much potential ground to cover, making the most of your time and investment is key, so we’ve put a few tips together for planning out your time in Munich:

Know the area and activities 

This year's event will bring a focus to the advancements in innovation and technology in the medical device space, including discussions on wearable products and digital transformation. Travel to Munich in February to be a part of the discussions and develop unique insight for advancing your team’s medical device trials. 

The meeting place for healthcare pioneers and innovators. Join medical device experts to discuss new trends and opportunities and learn how to optimize their clinical operation knowledge and stay ahead of the game. Find the right solution providers to partner with to accelerate your trial timelines. Some of the features that OCT Medical Devices Europe 2020 will have to offer include:

  • 175+ Attendees
  • 20+ Exhibitors
  • 20+ Speakers
  • 82% Attendees at Director Level or Higher   

This particular conference is an exceptional networking opportunity for industry accelerators in the European medical device and diagnostics spaces to meet their peers, uncover new insights into common challenges and engage with seasoned solution providers. During the conference you will be able to join like-minded fellows and learn new perspectives and case studies on recent medical device trial developments through a series of speaker presentations, panel discussions, case studies, and multiple round-table sessions. The conference will also discuss the vital connections between process, tools and techniques in order to manage the changes in medical device and diagnostics technology. The exhibition space will feature some of the best-in-class solution providers who will be able to deliver improvements upon medical device development.  

Identify the right companies to meet

Overall the conference is geared toward addressing the concerns of trial sponsors based in the European region who are conducting clinical trials with a focus on medical devices and diagnostics development. With a content-driven agenda, interactive networking sessions and a host of innovative exhibitors, OCT Medical Devices Europe 2020 focuses on helping attendees find solutions to their most pressing clinical trial challenges. Even though this particular conference is small in size compared to some of the larger events we’ve recently talked about, this conference provides and unique advantage of networking with medical device and diagnostics professionals on a very personal level, creating a unique atmosphere of close-knit experiences and building intimate relationships that would otherwise be difficult to achieve at the larger conferences. 

After listening to some speaker sessions and panel discussions, take some time to visit vendors in the exhibitor hall and discover new solutions that will speed up and lower the costs of your medical device development and clinical trials. There will be a small source of exhibitors to learn about and discuss new technologies, current roadblocks, and potential solutions to your clinical trial pipeline. In order to plan ahead we think it’s important to view the full list of exhibitors and sponsors prior to arriving in order to make the best use of your time.  

Find out who’s going

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine who’s going to be attending conferences in smaller venues, but we believe the Outsourcing in Clinical Medical Devices Europe 2020 event will be a unique platform for the pharma, biotech and especially the medical device groups in the region to network and collaborate in order to refine all of the various clinical trial outsourcing strategies throughout the industry today. Selecting the right partners, managing your relationships with solution providers and targeting other stakeholders for potential value are all key factors in reducing the overall cost of clinical trials. This content-driven conference will offer attendees opportunities to develop practical strategies that they can implement in order to optimize any clinical trial program.  

Day 1 will kick-off the conference with registration and welcome coffee promptly followed by the chairperson’s opening remarks. There will then be a series of speaker presentations and case studies until lunch, and then a panel discussion of selecting the perfect clinical site by reducing and saving time, with a few more presentations to end the first day. Day 2 will have even more round-table sessions, speaker presentations, panel discussions and case studies. In addition to all of these speaker sessions and presentations, there will be over 20 exhibitors to explore, so make sure to leave room for networking with potential solution providers as well as other attendees!

For more details visit Arena International’s OCT Medical Devices Europe agenda webpage for a complete list of all the activities taking place during the event. You can alternatively download a PDF version of the agenda by navigating to the agenda webpage and filling out a short form.

Meet up with Zymewire

While we may not be attending OCT Medical Devices Europe 2020 this year, we’d still like to hear from you! Let us know about your experiences, and how your company preps for events to maximize ROI. If you would like to learn more about how teams at service providers around the world are getting more face to face meetings with the right prospects, reach out for a demo today!


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