CPhI Worldwide 2019

For its central location, Frankfurt is known as the “Gateway to Europe," and travelers often only pass through the city, using it as a transit point to other major European destinations. Spread along both banks of the Main River, Frankfurt has always held a special place in German history. Not only did it give the country a famous writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, it was also the location of important elections, and coronations of kings and emperors throughout history. But exploring Frankfurt through a historical lens only paints one part of the picture. There's a fascinating mix of architecture, with modern glass high-rises looming over traditional red-brick churches. It will also be home to one of the best conferences you’ll be able to attend this year, CPhI Worldwide 2019

The world’s largest pharmaceutical exhibition of the year, CPhI Worldwide 2019, is organized by Informa Markets and will be held from November 5th - 7th, 2019 at the Messe Frankfurt Convention Center in Frankfurt, Germany. The CPhI Worldwide event is considered by most to be the premiere exhibition for innovation, networking, and business development in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Together with multiple sub-events including iCSE, FDF, P-Mec, InnoPack, and Bioproduction zones, there will be no other event like it in 2019.   CPhI Worldwide 2019 is hosted by Informa Markets, a leading global events platform for industries, specialist markets and scientific communities to trade, grow and engage in innovation. It consists of more than 550 international B2B events, and with over 4,400 colleagues based in more than 40 countries around the globe.  

CPhI Worldwide 2019 will be mainly focused around six zones representing each stage of the pharmaceutical supply chain, from early upstream APIs, to machinery and packaging, and outsourcing, and even biopharmaceuticals. Uniting over 45,000 attendees and over 2,500 international exhibitors, CPhI Worldwide is the place to network and source cost-effective pharma solutions from all over the world in just 3 days, all under one big roof.   

For such large scale events, it can quickly become overwhelming for a team of company attendees, particularly if limited in size. With so much potential ground to cover, making the most of your time and investment is key, so we’ve put a few tips together for planning out your time in Frankfurt: 

Know the area and activities 

Messe Frankfurt, literally translated as “Frankfurt Trade Fair,” is the world’s largest trade fair, congress and event organizer with its own exhibition grounds. The organization has 2,500 employees at some 30 locations, generating annual sales of around €661 million. Located at the heart of financial and business center of Frankfurt, the exhibition grounds are among the largest and most modern worldwide with some 367,000 m² of hall area and more than 96,000 m² of free space at its disposal. As well as excellent international transport connections by air, rail and road, the exhibition venue enjoys superb public transport connections. [1] Exploring this gigantic venue can be a major task, so it’s important to prepare for visiting the facilities by reviewing the general floor plan and knowing your way around before the conference. Fill out this short form to download all the floorplans of CPhI Worldwide 2019.

CPhI Worldwide 2019 is a gigantic event with 45,000+ pharma professionals and 2,500 exhibitors from 150+ countries, this event provides one of the most efficient and effective ways to do a huge amount of business in 3 days. The sky in the limit with an event of this magnitude, with endless opportunities for you and your team to explore. You will be able to source solutions from suppliers in dedicated zones covering ingredients, machinery, finished dosage, packaging and more.  

The conference will include multiple zones for easy organization and streamlined attendance of the convention’s features, including:  

  • CPhI: The CPhI Zone of the conference is all about the ingredients, by bringing together buyers, manufacturers and suppliers of pharmaceutical ingredients and specialty drug product excipients. Whether you are looking for sourcing new business or getting the latest insights into the newest and most innovative ingredients on the market, the CPhI event is a very valuable resource.
  • FDF: The FDF Finished Drug Products Zone puts you right in the center of the flourishing pharma market. As the drug product landscape continues to rapidly evolve with new business models, data intelligence, alternative medicines, single-use and combination systems, and disposable technology, it can be a challenge to keep up with all of it. From powders and pills to capsules and creams, FDF helps you meet with manufacturers from every aspect of the finished dosage supply chain in one location.  
  • iCSE: The iCSE Zone is a great platform for connecting outsourcing companies with the pharma industry, and is a must for outsourcing solution providers, contract manufacturing and consultancy services. This Zone brings together buyers and sellers in the market of pharmaceutical contract services and acts as a platform for a wide variety of outsourcing services, including clinical trials, IT, research, biotechnological, logistical and analytical services.
  • InnoPack: Be sure to check out the InnoPack Zone for innovative packaging and drug delivery systems. Focusing on the latest pharmaceutical packaging advancements, InnoPack unites buyers and suppliers from the packaging and pharmaceutical industries. A great feature in this zone will be the Innovation Gallery, highlighting some of CPhI's most exciting new pharmaceutical products and solutions, the Innovation Gallery is dedicated to InnoPack. Join to discover innovative pharmaceutical developments in packaging and drug delivery solutions. Check out more details on the gallery here.
  • P-MEC: From pharma machinery to lab apparatuses, track down your necessary equipment and technology in the P-MEC Zone. P-MEC showcases the newest pharmaceutical machinery,  and provides access to more than 170 equipment suppliers and technology providers.  
  • Bioproduction: BioProduction brings together the small and large molecule worlds. With a focus on bioprocessing and manufacturing, this latest addition to the CPhI events allows pharma and biopharma firms to network and learn from each other in an open, global-scale setting.    

Identify the right companies to meet

CPhI Worldwide hosts some of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry, attracting exhibitors from around the globe. You will be able to find opportunities to source throughout the entire pharma supply chain, from active ingredients and machinery to finished dosage formulations and beyond. With over 2,500 exhibitors to explore this show can be a monumental task to find the right companies to meet. In order to plan ahead we think it’s important to view the full list of exhibitors prior to arriving in order to make the best use of your time. After identifying which exhibitors your team would like to discuss opportunities with, be sure to check out the floor plan above to map out your game plan for tackling this event. If you team is interested in going but still doesn’t know where to start, please check out the Event Preview Guide, we have found this to be a very informative 48-page digital brochure that covers all of the major activities on CPhI Worldwide 2019 and is packed with great advice on how to start planning for the 3-day event. 

With over 150 speakers covering every facet of drug development, from trends in high potency API development to terminal sterilization technology and the newest manufacturing equipment on the market, there will be endless learning opportunities for you and your team to discover. You can find more details on the speaker sessions in the conference agenda, or alternatively you can search for topics in the full list of speakers webpage.  

Find out who’s going 

One of the best ways to find out who’s going to CPhI Worldwide 2019 will actually happen before you arrive in Frankfurt! After registering your team, you will gain access to the official mobile app where you can view the full attendee list and pre-schedule meetings before the event. Once logged into the application, the matchmaking service asks you to fill out your business needs then automatically matches you with exhibitors offering the products and services you are looking for. Simply select those you wish to meet at CPhI Worldwide to arrange face-to-face meetings onsite. This app is a must for teams and serves as your companion, enabling you to find what you need, connect with exhibitors and navigate the event. For more details on the Live Pharma Connect platform and login portal, check out the conference’s webpage.  

CPhI Worldwide showcases over 80 hours of live content across multiple content theatres, covering pharma's hottest topics and innovations. Check out the full conference agenda to see the entire content schedule for the 3-day event. This show will be jam-packed with learning opportunities alongside all of the activities in the exhibition halls. There will be three major sub-events to expand your drug development knowledge during the conference, including the Pharma Insight Briefings, the Podium speaker sessions, and the M&A Forum and roundtable discussions.  

The first important learning opportunity that your team should experience are the Pharma Insight Briefings. Every day in each of the 3 Pharma Insight Briefing theatres will be free to attend learning opportunities onsite at CPhI Worldwide 2019. Kick off each day with a keynote speaker who will deliver the latest industry trends and insights, as this will surely be a great way to get your teams in the right mindset and prepared for the conference. The next important learning opportunity will be the Podium speaker sessions. There will be two main tracks of the podiums sub-event that will cover topics focused on either Natural Extracts in the industry or World of Pharma news and regional updates. If your team works in the natural extracts segment of the industry, or if you’re just interested in all of the regional pharma news from around the globe, be sure to make some time to visit the Podium sessions. The last major learning opportunity will be the Q&A Forum sub-event. This roundtable will address the current M&A landscape, analyze deal drivers in-depth, and examine the potential implications of so much consolidation in the current industry. This free to attend sub-event will give you the opportunity to hear from dealmakers, investors and innovators on the current outlook, and will provide an important opportunity for networking at CPhI Worldwide. This roundtable is totally free to attend and if interested please register here.    

Another enjoyable feature at the show will be the CPhI Awards. This prestigious awards ceremony celebrates thinkers and creators breaking new ground and strongly advocate companies committed to driving the industry forward. The ceremony for this year’s awards, which celebrate innovation in the pharma and biotech industries, will take place on the first evening of the conference. Since 2004, the Awards have brought together leaders from across the pharma and biotech industries to recognize the thinkers and creators who are breaking new ground, with a strong emphasis on promoting companies committed to driving the industry forward. The ceremony will provide an evening of celebration, bringing together pharma executives to toast industry excellence, and to enjoy the company of friends and peers. For many, it is the perfect occasion to extend hospitality to their clients and associates for a perfect networking opportunity.

Wear comfortable footwear and attire

If there is any event where this point it worth mentioning, it is for CPhI Worldwide! Since exploring the Messe Frankfurt venue can be such a huge endeavor to partake, please make sure to wear your most comfortable footwear and attire  during the show. You’ll want to be at peak endurance throughout the event, so be sure to drink plenty of water, and don’t miss out on any important exhibits, sessions, and most of all, meetings! 

Meet up with Zymewire

We have to save the best tip for last, and it's a good one! If you would like to learn how sales and marketing teams from the top CDMOs, packaging, logistics, and other manufacturing companies are putting their sales research on autopilot and spending less time prospecting, RSVP to meet up here! After submitting the form, you will receive your free CPhI Worldwide drug company prospect sheet!

See you in Frankfurt!


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